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5 Ways to Take Action Today

There are so many focuses and priorities when it comes to the climate crisis — the changing weather, environmental justice, soil degradation, fast fashion, animal rights, waste reduction. We know why it’s important to take climate action, but it’s not always easy to know where to start.

If you know you want to start taking action but don’t know where to start, here are five ways to take action today.

  1. Follow Your Reps. Love or hate them, your representatives are important to know. Look them up! They’re the people in your life who can make the most difference for your community, and you’ll want to know what they’re saying by following them and building a relationship in some form. If you’re not sure who your state and US reps are, check out this website or search online for “find my rep” and your location. Write down your reps names on a piece of paper or add to your phone notes to have as a reference. Then, check out your representative’s website and social media. Search by their name and state, and you’ll likely get their official website in the first few search results. See if they have a newsletter and subscribe. Follow them on social media to see what issues they actively post about. You’ll learn what their priorities are by what they post, what events they hold, and what they reshare. And, you’ll discover opportunities to connect with them when they’re in the community.
  2. Take the Eco-Footprint Quiz. In terms of personal eco-action, there are so many topics to consider (and that may be a big reason why you don’t know where to start!). The eco-footprint quiz gives a great overview of the big actions that make the most difference. It tells us what our carbon footprint is based on what we consume, use, travel, and more. Once you take the quiz, it provides ways to reduce our negative impact on the planet.
  3. Find One Local Climate Action Organization and Subscribe to its Newsletter. Are you interested in cleanups? Environmental justice? Pollinators? The ocean? Search a term and your city, and see what organizations pop up. Or ask friends and family for ideas. Sign up for the newsletter of an organization that resonates with you. By doing so, you’ll stay informed on local issues and get opportunities to take action and join in on events.
  4. Find One Bulk Shopping Option Near You. Why is this a big take action item? Because sometimes the first time is the hardest! Find a zero waste store, farmer’s market, co-op, or local market near you. Visit to see what options they have, ask store staff what the process looks like. Then, dive in by buying an item with your own container!
  5. DIY a Product. Pick a product you need and DIY it instead of buying it new. One of the greatest things about a greenie life is how empowered you feel about understanding your products better and/or making many of your own items. It can be overwhelming to think about making or buying zero waste products all at once, and that’s why starting with one item that you need is the best way to go. Try a DIY lip balm. Or lotion. Or reusable saran wrap. Make it fun by organizing a gathering for a few friends to drink cocktails and DIY together. Once you make one product, try your hands at the next product you need.

Taking climate action can be confusing with all the incredibly big topics that need action ASAP, but the key is to just get started. If you’re ready for more climate action ideas, check this post.