Monthly Theme

Biking for Transportation

Monthly challenge to live a more eco-conscious and sustainable life.

August Theme | Biking for Transportation

Three Actions

  • Take your bike share program for a spin
  • Plan a fun ride to explore your city
  • Bike to work

Biking is the perfect sustainable transportation option. You avoid fossil fuel emissions by forgoing your car (which reduces our reliance on fossil fuels and reduces air and water pollution), you improve your health, and you save money. Plus, it’s fun! Here are 61 reasons to take up biking on a regular basis. Whether it’s biking to work, running errands via bike or meeting friends for coffee, biking offers you a great eco-conscious solution to your transportation needs.


Extra Credit

  • Get your bike tuned up
  • Join a group ride
  • Support your bike share program and buy a membership
  • Go mountain biking
  • Organize a bike crawl with your friends (coffee bike crawl, beer or ice cream)
  • Sign up for your local bike advocacy groups’s newsletter
  • Test out an electric scooter
  • Sign up for a bike maintenance class
  • Read a bike book