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    Eco-Action Guide for Ocean Lovers

    Our oceans are the greatest. They absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, impact our weather, provide sustenance to humans, supply much of the oxygen we breathe, and power our economies. Not to mention, they’re home to countless animals, a top destination…

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    50 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2020

    50 years ago, the modern environmental movement was born. Earth Day was founded with bipartisan support to bring together Americans and their shared desire for environmental stewardship, but also to demand governmental environmental protections to ensure Americans could enjoy a…

  • climate action this fall
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    How to Take Climate Action This Fall

    If you’ve been following environmental news lately, you’ve come to the realization that we need to take action now and in very big ways. As individuals, it’s not always clear where to put our time, especially when we have a…

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    5 Ways to Take Action Today

    There are so many focuses and priorities when it comes to the climate crisis — the changing weather, environmental justice, soil degradation, fast fashion, animal rights, waste reduction. We know why it’s important to take climate action, but it’s not…

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    How to Become an Environmental Educator

    Ways to become an environmental educator without going back to school I discovered my passion for eco-action after college once I started working in the nonprofit world. I discovered organizations making a difference for our environment, and I realized how…

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    Eco-Action Guides

    50 Ways to Take Eco-Action

    Eco-action = taking action to help our planet by adopting more sustainable individual habits, supporting our communities, and/or creating systemic changes. It’s important for all of us to take action for a more sustainable planet and future. Here are 50 ways to…