• set eco goals for the new year

    Eco-Goals for a New Year

    This is such a great time of year. We get to immerse ourselves in the excitement of the holidays, and we also get to look forward to a blank slate and a chance to better ourselves for a new year.…

  • Winter eco-bucket list to enjoy the winter season

    Winter Eco-Bucket List

    Anyone else obsessed with goals and to-do lists? 🙋‍♀️ It can be fun (and addicting!) to challenge ourselves to live life to the fullest by penning goals to achieve at career, personal projects, and more. This year, I started making seasonal…

  • Eco-Inspiration,  Zero Waste

    Exhibit Review: Washed Ashore

    This exhibit is for you if you care about plastic pollution in our oceans. I finally saw the exhibit I’ve been following for years, Washed Ashore! The exhibit showcases art made from plastic ocean pollution. It’s an amazing way to educate…