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Climate Reality Project

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Climate Reality Project

Established: 2006
Location: Worldwide
Main focus: Climate Action

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…you want to solve the climate crisis. Follow the organization for the latest climate news and learn concrete steps to support climate action.

About Climate Reality Project
The organization was started by Former US Vice President Al Gore after he released An Inconvenient Truth in 2006. “Stopping climate change is the challenge of our time,” according to the organization, and thus the mission of the Climate Reality Project is to help solve the climate crisis by moving the conversation to action. The organization focuses its efforts on renewable energy and empowering others to lead on climate action.

Why We Love Climate Reality Project
We love the Climate Reality Project because it empowers individuals to make a difference by taking a leadership role in their prospective communities. The organization’s Leadership Training Corps Program trains leaders and future leaders to take action for the environment. It teaches participants the state of the changing climate, what to do about it and how to do something about it. It gives participants a voice and the tools and support to go out in their communities and lead on climate action. Plus, the training is free once participants apply and are accepted into the program. Greenie Media has a personal connection to this program…through the Leadership Training Corps, we were inspired to make a difference and start Greenie Media!

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Major Programs

  • An Inconvenient Sequel. VP Al Gore’s follow-up to the first movie.
  • 24 Hours of Reality. A global initiative created to bring awareness to our changing climate. Participate in December!
  • Climate Reality Leadership Corps. Join advocates from over 100 countries, learn how to mobilize your community from climate action AND get trained by Mister Al Gore.
  • 100% Committed. A campaign to help businesses, schools and communities shift to 100% renewable energy.

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