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Little Free Library

Little Free Library is the amazing nonprofit responsible for the world’s largest book-sharing movement (did you know: there are over 80,000 Little Free Library sites around the world!). I connected with Branden, the Community Engagement Director at Little Free Library, to learn more about the organization.

In the interview, learn more about Little Free Library, why access to books is so important and how to support the nonprofit.

How to support Little Free Library:

  • Learn more about Little Free Library with these videos.
  • Check out the Little Free Library sites in your area. The Little Free Library website has a great map to find locations. Or keep an eye out for them as you walk, bike and drive around.
  • Get inspired by libraries around the world. Little Free Library’s Facebook and Instagram are great places to find cool locations, as well as here, here and here.
  • Use your nearby locations. Find books, share books and tell friends about it.
  • Donate to Little Free Library.
  • Start a Little Free Library for your neighborhood (buying a Little Free Library box is one of the best ways to financially support the organization)
  • Sponsor or help support a Little Free Library for another neighborhood through the Impact Library Program.
  • Talk to your workplace, civic group or city about sponsoring one or multiple libraries for the community. It’s a great way to get the company/organization name out there, spend team building money and give back to the community. Learn more about organizational giving options.
  • Learn more about the Native American Impact Library Program.
  • Join the Action Book Club and start a book club with your family and friends. Check out action projects by current groups for a little inspiration.

Little Free Library

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