Ethel Studio

Ethel Studio is a company on a mission to eliminate textile waste. I connected with Maggie, the founder of Ethel Studio, to learn more about the company.

In the interview, learn more about Ethel Studio, why textile waste is something we all should focus on and how to support a more sustainable industry.

How to support a more sustainable textile industry:

  • Follow Ethel Studio and other companies that utilize rescued textiles in their products.
  • Look up the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and learn more about the entities working to reduce the environmental and social impacts of textile products.
  • Learn more about textiles and the textile industry through Textile Exchange.
  • Read Overdressed about the fast fashion industry and look for other books about ethical and sustainable fashion.
  • Develop an awareness and curiosity for the clothes you currently have and the clothes you buy in the future. Look at the labels and see what they’re made from, start to discover what those materials are and what they mean for the environment, figure out who made the clothes and how transparent the company is, etc. Fashion Revolution is a great resource to learn more about the fashion industry.
  • Buy clothes from thrift stores.
  • Research brands that follow better practices for their workers and for the environment.
  • Support sustainable wellness products. If you need a meditation cushion, get an Ethel Studi meditation cushion.
  • Shop locally.
  • Find sustainable brands. For some ideas to get you started, read this article, this article and this article. I mentioned Krochet Kids in the podcast, so look them up too.
  • Read this article on 9 ways to reduce textile waste from Ethel Studio.

Ethel Studio

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