Lumbercycle is on a mission to create zero waste utilization of trees, meaning the organization aims to ensure that trees cut down in San Diego are used in the best way possible rather than sent to the landfill. I connected with Tom, the President and CEO of Lumbercycle, to learn more about the organization.

In the interview, learn more about Lumbercycle, why it’s important to utilize fallen urban trees rather than send to the landfill and how to get involved in this topic.

How to learn more about urban trees and support organizations like Lumbercycle:

  • Learn more and follow Lumbercycle on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Think of a community project you can do! Some ideas: park benches, park fences, Little Free Libraries, Scout projects (Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts), and more. Contact Lumbercycle for the wood to make it happen.
  • Urban trees are valuable in so many ways: carbon sequestration, community beautification, cooling effect, etc. Learn more about urban trees by checking out urban tree organizations in your area (see what comes up when you search “urban trees” and your city).
  • Take a woodworking class to become more self-sufficient and understand this topic more. Search “woodworking classes” and your city.
  • If you’re in the San Diego area, check out Palomar College classes. This is where Tom got started.
  • If you need a tree cut down, let your tree service know about Lumbercycle to save trees from the landfill and maybe save a little money too. If you aren’t in San Diego County, see if there are programs in your area.
  • Get outdoors and enjoy nature, especially the trees in your area.
  • Volunteer with Lumbercycle! It’s fun and you can get wood for your own projects in return.
  • Watch the milling process with a few of my Stories from my Lumbercycle visit.
  • Adopt a tree in your city to help support urban trees.
  • Hug a tree…just kidding, but it’d probably be nice.


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