Monthly Theme

Support Urban Farms

Monthly challenge to be more eco-conscious and create a more sustainable life.

May Theme | Support Urban Farms 

Three Actions

  • Visit a Farmer’s Market
  • Grow Something
  • Buy from an Urban Farm

Urban farms are important in so many ways. They contribute to a city’s food security and help provide fresh foods to the city, especially in insecure food areas of town. They help us understand how food is grown and improve our relationship with our food. More locally-produced food means less carbon emissions from getting the same food shipped from elsewhere. When we support local business, we create local jobs and keep money flowing in our local economy. There’s less chance of getting sick from food and food recalls. We also get better tasting fruits, veggies, and more! But, for these urban farms (and urban gardens and community gardens) to thrive, we must support them. The three actions this month are great ways to get started supporting your local urban farms in a simple and fun way.

Extra Credit

  • Sign up for a CSA
  • Find a restaurant in your area that supports local farmers and try it
  • Read up on the farm bill
  • Visit a community garden in your area
  • Go on a farm tour
  • Volunteer at a community garden or urban farm
  • Check out these urban farm resources