Take Action

Take Action

Let’s all take one action step this week. Here are some climate action ideas whether you have 10 minutes, one hour, or want to volunteer long term.


If you have 10 minutes…

Eat more in season and locally-grown produce this week. There’s a great website (and app) to make it easy to find what’s in season for your state, so you can enjoy more local produce.

Find What’s In Season


Not entirely sure what the Green New Deal entails? Read this article.



Take the ecological footprint quiz to learn what your carbon footprint is (and how you can reduce it).

Take the Quiz


Let your reps know it’s a priority for your community to take climate action ASAP.

Send the Message


If you have one hour…

Participate in the Women’s March this weekend!


Write to your Congress member in support of the Green New Deal, specifically asking them “to endorse the Resolution for a Select Committee on a Green New Deal.” Not sure who represents you in Congress?


If you’re ready to volunteer or take action long term…

Help your favorite coffee shop or cafe become more sustainable. If you have a favorite cafe that isn’t as zero waste as they could be, contact them to do more. Responsible Cafes (based in Australia) has a program to help cafes become more sustainable and their guides can help you out (even if you’re based outside of Australia).

How to Help a Cafe Become More Sustainable


Learn more about zero waste from the queen zw-er, Bea Johnson. Bonus: buy the audiobook, get a used copy or request from the library for zero waste bonus points.

Read the Book


How are you taking action this week?