Take Action

Take Action

Let’s all take one action step this week. Here are some climate action ideas whether you have 10 minutes, one hour, or want to volunteer long term.


If you have 10 minutes…

Join a free webinar to learn how to build strong connections with your reps.

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Join Going Zero Waste’s 31 Day Zero Waste Challenge (and figure out what ways you can reduce your waste this year).

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Learn more about the benefits of putting a price on carbon.

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Take a quiz to find the best electric vehicle for you.

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If you have one hour…

Join Sunrise Movement’s call on Thursday to find out what’s in store for Sunrise Movement and the Green New Deal this year.


Make a zero waste swap! Utilize a cloth or rag instead of plastic to wash dishes. Making the switch from a disposable sponge to a cloth rag for dishes takes some getting used to, but it’s a great reusable option. Use the cloth as you would use a sponge and then throw in the laundry to wash once you’re ready to clean it.


If you’re ready to volunteer or take action long term…

Sign up for a training to learn how to lead on climate advocacy.

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How are you taking action this week?