Take Action

Take Action

Let’s all take one eco-action this week. Here are some climate action ideas whether you have 10 minutes, one hour, or longer.


If you have 10 minutes…

Upcycle old makeup and beauty products.



Sign up for a 2/25 webinar to learn how to lobby in support of pro-bike policy.

Sign Up


Plug In American just started an EV Support Program so you can ask your EV questions to drivers and experts. Anyone can try it for free once (or use it more often with a small donation).

Try It


If you have one hour…

Get a virtual lesson in ocean acidification with Stanford’s Ocean Acidification Experience.


Listen to the latest Greenie Guide Podcast with the Garment Solidarity Project.


Visit your reps for a Green New Deal today through Wednesday.


Learn how to develop resilience and grace amidst chaos on our planet this Thursday with a free online class.


If you’re ready to volunteer or take action long term…

Submit an entry for an Environmental Media Award.



Join an EV Club to learn more about EVs and geek out.

Find EV Clubs


Sign up for a library card. Libraries are a great (and zero waste!) way to learn. If you already have your card, search eco-topics you’re interested in and request a few books. Or download the OverDrive app to check out e-books and audiobooks — this is a great app if you’re always on the go and want some reading options.


How are you taking action this week?