Winter Eco-Bucket List

Anyone else obsessed with goals and to-do lists? 🙋‍♀️ It can be fun (and addicting!) to challenge ourselves to live life to the fullest by penning goals to achieve at career, personal projects, and more.

This year, I started making seasonal bucket lists as a way to get the most out each season. Creating these bucket lists has been such an empowering way to move forward on life goals, as well as prioritizing the big and small things that make us enjoy and experience everything the current season has to offer.

Our winter energies tend to focus heavily on holiday activities, but there are so many more ways we can experience this winter season beyond December!

I challenge you to create your own winter eco-bucket list to enjoy these next few months and do it in a more mindful and sustainable way.

My winter eco-bucket list, along with a few other ideas:

  • Try one new local brewery.
  • Find the perfect cozy sweater at a secondhand store. 
  • Indulge in a seasonal drink from a favorite local coffee shop. Get it “for here” in a ceramic mug and spend an afternoon reading.
  • Learn a new winter activity. Some ideas: snowshoeing, sledding, cross country skiing. Sign up for class or check out places to rent items like state parks, sports companies, or REI.
  • Make a own zero waste lotion. Find a DIY recipe for those dry winter hands, and utilize the bulk bins to get ingredients.
  • Experiment with essential oils. 
  • Participate in a winter event every month. Whether you live in a full-on winter climate or something a little more mild, get out and experience the events in your community. There are so many great events happening from January to March, so sign up and commit to one each month.
  • Go thrift shopping for games and puzzles.
  • Create a zero waste vision board.
  • Make veggie stock from scratch. Veggie stock is so easy to make once you do it. Try your hands at it this season and there will be no stopping you from creating a more zero waste soup! Bonus points: experiment with a stock made from “waste.” Use odds and ends like carrot tops, peels of skins or more to make stock and reduce your food waste-I save a jar of these things in my fridge until I’m really to use to make soup.
  • Read 3 books on eco-topics. Some ideas: Dude Making a Difference, Trespassing Across America, The Imperfect Environmentalist.
  • Make DIY leg warmers.
  • Watch eco-movies and documentaries. Some ideas: Woman at War, A Plastic Ocean, GasLand.
  • Try 3 new loose leaf teas.
  • Write my reps and get involved with climate campaigns for 2020.