About Greenie Guide

Greenie Guide mission: create a community of individuals taking eco-action on a weekly basis and make climate action easier and more fun.

Mission: create a community of individuals taking eco-action on a weekly basis

It’s not easy to take action, especially for millennials who work full-time and try to live full and meaningful lives (and yes, I know how much college debt gets in the way of life, let alone making a difference!).

I started Greenie Guide so I could have the resource I was looking for to make a difference and have fun while doing it. I’ve worked in environmental education organizations for the past four years and I love seeing the joy and sense of purpose volunteers get from doing something, whether it’s joining in for a one-time beach cleanup or volunteering weekly at a community garden. I believe we can all make the planet a better and more sustainable place by taking regular eco-action in our communities.

My goals with Greenie Guide:

  1. Make it easy to take eco-action by creating simple guides with small and big ideas to take action often.
  2. Help connect individuals to meaningful ways to take eco-action. I LOVE connecting with individuals and brainstorming the best organizations, causes and ways to get started. (Contact me and I’d love to connect!)
  3. Create a community around taking eco-action for individuals who want to make a difference but don’t have a community to take action with. I moved to a new city and didn’t have any friends to join me on lobby days or local cleanups. Taking action is way more fun when you do it with someone, and I wanted a way to help us get connected with each other to make taking eco-action more fun.