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Greenie Manifesto

Stay present. Increase awareness. Make our voices heard. Experience life. Live by our values. Think globally, act locally. Be a role model. Foster community. Make a difference.

As a greenie, I promise to:

  • Seek understanding of others
  • Be mindful of my surroundings
  • Always carry a reusable water bottle and travel mug
  • Find “my thing” to make a difference, whether it be with climate action, working with at-risk youth, or advocating for equal rights for all
  • Reduce my use of disposable plastics
  • Continuously improve my understanding of issues
  • Support renewable energy
  • Do my best to respect others with different beliefs
  • Simplify my life
  • Vote
  • Shop for sustainable clothes
  • Vocalize my beliefs
  • Ride public transit
  • Enjoy nature
  • Support sustainable businesses
  • Live by example
  • Be as energy-efficient as possible
  • Learn the basics about major issues
  • Enhance my community
  • Seek the most sustainable options for me–environmentally and economically
  • Reduce my household waste
  • Support community initiatives to reduce the need for a car
  • Volunteer
  • Challenge myself to be a local expert

Join the Greenie community to inspire, engage others, and spur action to make a more sustainable world for all of us.