About Greenie

Mission: to inspire eco-stewards to live a more sustainable life and make a difference.

As avid consumers of news, independent media and intrepid creators, it can be deflating to get caught up in the latest climate news and not know what to do. Through Greenie Group, we hope to provide a more positive, productive approach to sustainability.

Through years of working in environmental nonprofits, we are passionate about making a difference and have seen many other people passionate about making a difference as well. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed; overwhelmed with depressing news, overwhelmed with thoughts of hopelessness, overwhelmed with all the specific issues that need our attention. BUT it’s vital to talk about these subjects. It’s important to talk about our food systems, our waterways and reducing the amount of plastic we use so we stay healthy. It’s important to talk about sustainability and how to make a difference in tangible ways because most of us want what’s best for our families and our communities.

With Greenie Group, we want to create a community for those who know caring for our environment is important but don’t feel they’re getting the inspiration and tangible action nuggets they need when reading about climate change. We want to focus on how to be as sustainable as we can and how to support others with the same goals. We’ll profile organizations, initiatives and individuals making a difference and outline how to get involved in the best way. We’ll share guides, how-tos and ideas on topics such as zero waste, goal-setting, home decor and finding your perfect job. We’ll help you discover who your representatives are and how to find a voice in your community for the issues you’re passionate about. And more!

Join the Greenie community to inspire, engage others and spur action to make a more sustainable world for all of us.