15 Podcasts for Eco-Wellness Inspiration

I love podcasts, especially to learn and get inspired. Wellness is a HUGE topic in the podcast world, and there’s an abundance of podcasts focused on health, fitness, wellbeing, and more. What’s also a popular topic? Eco-wellness.

Eco-wellness is an exciting subset of the wellness world, because it takes a more earth-friendly and inclusive approach to wellness. Eco-wellness includes traditional wellness topics like health and fitness, but it also includes topics like mental health, social justice, ways to make a difference, activities that connect us to the world around us, and more.

Here are some of my favorite podcasts that focus on eco-wellness, either in some or all of their episodes (in alphabetical order):

A Sustainable Mind

I’m not always a fan of sustainability-related podcasts, because they’re either too serious or too simplistic. A Sustainable Mind is the perfect mix of interesting, engaging, and educational.

I 💚 This Episode: Ep. - 061 Experiments in Earth-Conscious Living with Rob Greenfield

American Birding Podcast

I heard about American Birding Podcast through a Podcast Brunch Club I’m part of, and I was like, sign me up. It’s a pretty nerdy topic, but there are many episodes for the casual audience.

I 💚 This Episode: Birding to Change the World

Almost 30 Podcast

I started listening to Almost 30 when I was, you guessed it, almost 30. It’s a lifestyle podcast that interviews guests on topics like wellness, entrepreneurship, spirituality, and more.

I 💚 This Episode: Ep. 278 - Veganism + Sustainable Living with Jenne Claiborne

Balanced Black Girl

Balanced Black Girl is everything I want in a podcast and more: a great host, interesting guests, and conversations about equal representation in the wellness space.

I 💚 This Episode: Ep. 58 - Democratizing Wellness with Sinikiwe Dhliwayo of Naaya

The podcast is all about making the most of our everyday lives, in a more sustainable way. I loved episode #24, because it’s a conversation around a topic that still feels taboo to talk about: periods. The young entrepreneur featured is such a cool person, and I love her story.

I 💚 This Episode: Ep. 24 Girl Talk with Seri Leong - Reusable Eco-Friendly Feminine Products

Eat for the Planet

Eat for the Planet covers the plant-based food world and interviews the people and companies making a difference in the space. The interviews inspire me with new ideas and plant-based companies to support.

I 💚 This Episode: Ep. 116 - Rebellyous Foods: Making Plant-Based Meat Affordable for All

Eco Chic

Another podcast leading the eco-conscious podcast space is Eco Chic. The podcast has interesting conversations on sustainability and practical climate science, and gives listeners ideas on how to make an impact.

I 💚 This Episode: Ep. 96 - Regulating the Cosmetics Industry; Influencing Better Beauty Policy

Epic Gardening

Why listen to Epic Gardening podcast? All the episodes are short and to the point on topics related to gardening. There are episodes for beginners and for expert gardeners, and you’ll want to download all the episodes when you scroll through the feed.

I 💚 This Episode: 3 Easiest Seeds to Save From Your Garden

Good Together

Good Together is a podcast focused on all things sustainable living. Each episode is an intro to an eco-topic and gives listeners specific ways to learn more or get started on the topic of the episode.

I 💚 This Episode: Shop Ethically, Easier: 10 Labels to Look For

Hippie Haven Podcast

If you want to make a difference and want to learn from others out there doing great things, Hippie Haven is the podcast for you. All the interviews are with climate advocates, and listeners learn ways to take action at the end of each episode.

I 💚 This Episode: Ep. 52 - How to Make a Difference in Your Community


I love following the mindbodygreen for articles on mindfulness and wellness. The online publication has a podcast that’s great to look through for wellness topics as well.

I 💚 This Episode: Ep. 129 - Bonnie Wright’s 5 Simple Tips To Reduce Plastic Today

Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast

I love tiny homes and would love to have one someday. Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast interviews some pretty cool people and helps inspire listeners to get into the tiny house lifestyle.

I 💚 This Episode: Ep. 102 - Building a Love for Carpentry and Small Spaces with Page Hodel

Tranquility du Jour

I’ve been following Tranquility du Jour for over 10 years, and I’m still going strong. Kimberly Wilson has interviewed so many great people over the years on topics like creativity, entrepreneurship, self-care, yoga, and more. In addition to subscribing, it’s also worth going through the archives.

I 💚 This Episode: Ep. 452 - Reducetarian

Wellness Mama

Wellness Mama has so many podcasts on all things wellness, many of which are related to sustainability. If you’re a parent (or just want to hear from expert guests), this podcast is for you.

I 💚 This Episode: Can Our Soils Heal Us? How Regenerative Agriculture and Home Gardens Can Improve Our Health


Yoga is the topic in wellness for a lot of people, and there are a lot of yoga-related podcasts out there. I love that Yogaland adds more substance to the conversation around yoga and wellness.

I 💚 This Episode: Ep. 176 - Making Yoga More Accessible with Jivana Heyman


Photo credit: Melanie Pongratz