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Rerip is on a mission to keep surfboards out of the landfill. I connected with Meghan, the co-founder of Rerip, to learn more about the organization.

In the interview, learn more about Rerip, why it’s important to support zero waste programs, and how to make surfing more sustainable.

How to support a more sustainable surfboard industry:

  • Follow Rerip on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Donate your old surfboards to Rerip and give them new life.
  • Learn more about sustainability in the surf industry through Sustainable Surf.
  • Learn more about the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA).
  • If you’re in the market for a new surfboard, explore secondhand markets (Rerip and its partners are a good resource!). If you spring for a new surfboard or wetsuit, do a little research to find the most sustainable option. Meghan recommended Firewire Surfboards.
  • Follow surf leaders who care about sustainability. Sustainable Surf has some ambassadors and it’s a good list to start!
  • Commit to one surf location to avoid excessive driving (this will minimize carbon emissions from driving around to find the best spots!).
  • Tell people about the Rerip program so they know where to donate used surfboards.
  • Volunteer with Rerip!


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Photo credit: Rerip
Podcast music credit: Blue Dot Sessions