5 | ElectroMotiveLA

There are so many ways people are making a positive impact for our environment. Every episode, we’ll talk to someone new doing great things for their communities and we’ll share resources to take action.

ElectroMotiveLA is an awesome resource to browse, learn, and fall in love with electric vehicles.

In the interview, learn more about the EV resource, why electric vehicles are important, and how to support getting more EVs on the road.

How to support electric vehicles:

  • Learn about them. ElectroMotiveLA is a great resource. Take an EV quiz and discover your perfect EV match.
  • Talk about them with friends, family, and coworkers.
  • When you’re in need of a new ride, consider buying an EV.
  • Vote for people who support clean energy and healthy communities.
  • Rent an EV or Hybrid. When you need to rent a car, rent (or request!) EVs or Hybrids (Hertz already has a program in place, for example). With more demand, rental companies will look to fill that demand with more options.



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