8 | Vote for Climate

This is a special episode of the Greenie Guide Podcast. I’ll get back into regular interview episodes soon, but wanted to share some voter resources in a special solo episode.

We have an important election coming up next week, and we all need to get out there and vote.

In this episode, I lay out a few ways to make the voting experience easier and more fun, whether it’s getting to the polls or knowing who to cast your vote for. Let’s all make a pact to vote together next week, whether it’s our first time voting or our twentieth.

Resources to Learn Who to Vote For

ACLU Quiz to help you determine candidates who will stand up for civil rights (usually a pretty good bet they will be pro-climate.

Utilize Ballot Ready to learn about candidates and referendums.

Learn more about your US Senate and US House candidates and their commitment to climate with their climate score from Vote Climate US PAC.

What organizations do you follow that align with your political priorities? Many organizations endorse candidates who are committed to their mission, and this is a super easy way to figure out who to vote for based on values. Check out ACLU, Sierra Club, local LGBTQ organizations, Indivisible, 350action.org, and more for endorsements.

Check a sample ballot ahead of time. Browse your state’s Secretary of State website for sample ballots and other resources.

You will be depressed by these numbers…I was. How can the majority of our representatives be climate deniers when that does NOT represent the majority of Americans? Depressing, but it should motivate us to VOTE THEM OUT.


Ballots Related to Climate Around the Country

Share these articles with family and friends in states with important climate-related ballot measures:

Bike-related ballots up for vote, including in California, Colorado, Florida and Rhode Island.

Big environmental initiatives across the country.

Five big energy and environment related ballot items.

Major environmental measures for 2018.

Carbon tax on the ballot in Washington state…tell anyone you know in WA to pass it!


Make Voting Easier

Find your polling place and map it out now (or use the US government’s main site).

Vote early! Most states have early voting. Check for details here. You can also look on your state website for voting info.

Spend 20 minutes looking up and writing down who and what you’re voting for. Make a date of it by grabbing coffee at a local shop and looking things up with a partner, friend, or family member.

Write down who/what you are voting for, either on your phone or a piece of paper. There are many candidates, categories, and ballot measures. It’s much easier to write things down then have to remember them all!

Plan out when you are voting and add to your calendar now. If you can, meet family or friends with the same polling location to vote together. You’ll have more fun waiting and you’ll help one another stay accountable.

Reward yourself for voting! You deserve it. Treat yo’ self with a coffee, smoothie, or treat. Seriously, sometimes we need a little external reward for doing the right thing.

Get to the polls! A bunch of companies are offering free or discounted transportation on 11/6 to help make voting as easy as possible:


Extra Credit

Volunteer. I signed up for a phonebank shift with my local 350.org chapter.

Encourage family and friends to vote. Post on social media, meet for coffee and talk about candidates, or text!

Other nonpartisan ways to get involved from The Climate Reality Project.


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