Bike Share Programs | Sustainable Travel ep1

Special monthly sustainable travel segment I do for the Sustainable Living Podcast. In this episode, learn more about bike share programs. Bike share programs are a wonderful way to explore at home and while traveling. Nice Ride Minnesota’s Marketing and Events Coordinator, Michele Molstead, joined me for the segment.

This monthly segment will revolve around sustainable travel. A big passion of mine is exploring and as a greenie, I also try to be very mindful about what I choose to do. Travel is one of the biggest contributors to our climate issues, but most of us still do it, whether for work, pleasure or things like visiting family. Travel can be very powerful and important—we develop a greater understanding and resolve for caring for our planet and we gain critical understanding of others (which is definitely important nowadays). Through my monthly segment on the Sustainable Living Podcast, I’ll be focusing on sustainable travel, both at home and in our travels

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