• eco friendly journals and notebooks

    Best Eco-Friendly Journals

    Journals and notebooks are universally cherished: creatives love them, professionals utilize them, and society devours them. If anything unites us, it’s our love and use of paper. Unfortunately, the paper and pulp industry causes massive problems for the environment. It’s incredibly…

  • ElectroMotive LA
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    ElectroMotive LA

    There are a lot of organizations, businesses and individuals making a positive impact and changing the world for the better. Learn about a new one each week. ElectroMotive LA Established: 2017 Location: Los Angeles Main focus: Electric Vehicles Get inspired…

  • Find your perfect volunteer experience to make a difference from green media
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    Find Your Perfect Volunteer Experience

    Volunteering is one of the greatest things you can do. Not only will you contribute to a meaningful cause and help an organization with some much needed love and attention, but you will also benefit on a personal level. Volunteering…

  • fall bucket list includes hiking from green media
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    Fall Bucket List

    The fall season is full of exciting things: back to school time, the changing colors of leaves, football and the start of holiday season. It’s a time of change, new adventures and refocusing. There’s a lot going on, and it…

  • how to simplify this fall from green media
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    How to Simplify this Fall

    falling leaves hide the path so quietly -John Bailey, Autumn Fall is a wonderful time of year. Fall festivities bring joy and excitement to our lives, but with so many time-consuming obligations, it’s easy to lose track of what we…