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ElectroMotive LA

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ElectroMotive LA

Established: 2017
Location: Los Angeles
Main focus: Electric Vehicles

Get inspired if
…you believe we need to mend our fuelish ways and want to learn more about electric vehicles as an option.

About ElectroMotive LA
ElectroMotive LA is the “ultimate destination for Angelenos to browse, learn and fall in love with the next generation of electric cars,” and we cannot agree more. Created by The 11th Hour Project and Insight Campaigns to help inspire a more sustainable city, the website is a hub of information about EVs and how to find one of your very own.

Why We Love ElectroMotive LA
LA is bound to cars, as is Southern California as a whole. Cities are very spread out and alternative modes of transportation are not an option for most people. We love this online resource because it gives the greenies in LA another option: EVs! The website makes it easy to learn more about electric vehicles, take a quiz to discover your perfect EV match and find out where to take a test drive. Plus, they make it easy to understand EVs, where to charge them and what questions to ask before buying.

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ElectroMotive LA