Blue Ocean Society

There are so many ways people are making a positive impact for our environment. Every episode, we’ll talk to someone new doing great things for their communities and we’ll share resources to take action.

Blue Ocean Society is a marine conservation organization dedicated to protecting marine life in the Gulf of Maine.

In the interview, learn more about this great organization, its cool educational programs, and a few ways to take action for the ocean and marine life.

How to support marine life and healthy oceans:

  • Join in on an event with Blue Ocean Society.
  • Reduce your use of single use plastics, like plastic bags, plastic water bottles, and plastic cups.
  • Skip the straw. See Blue Ocean Society’s Skip the Straw Project for inspiration.
  • Support organizations like Blue Ocean Society by donating and/or volunteering (remember, you can do both even if you don’t live on the coast!).
  • Understand where your seafood is coming from. Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch is the place to start.
  • Buy local when possible, since the shipping industry causes damage to ocean health in many different ways.
  • Adopt a whale from Blue Ocean Society. It’s a great way to learn, have some fun, support Blue Ocean Society, and all for only $30!
  • Watch Sonic Sea or screen a showing in your area.


Blue Ocean Society

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