Growing Lots Urban Farm

There are so many ways people are making a positive impact through big and small actions. Every week, we’ll talk to someone new doing great things for their communities and share resources to take action if the topic or story resonates with you.

Today, learn about Growing Lots Urban Farm.

Growing Lots Urban Farm is an urban farm in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The farm occupies three previously vacant lots in South Minneapolis, producing veggies and creating a healthy food system for the community. Their CSA program is awesome. CSA members pick up and pack up their own produce shares every week at the farm, allowing lots of face time between the farm and the community. Growing Lots partners with other producers to offer shares of items like flowers, bread, and cheese. Plus, they divert organic waste from the landfill by utilizing organic waste from local companies and producing compost for the farm.

I met the two owners, Taya and Seamus, at a local coffee shop to learn more about the urban farm. In this episode, learn more about Growing Lots, why the owners got involved with the urban farm, and how to get involved and support urban farms in your community.

How to find a urban farm or community garden in your community:

  • Google (search for urban farms or CSA programs in your city)
  • Explore your neighborhood and don’t be afraid to say hi if you see an interesting urban agriculture project or group
  • Search “community garden” and your city (many cities/communities have community garden listings through nonprofits, Master Gardener programs, and more)
  • Ask friends and family for ideas

Great ways to support urban farms

  • Visit and buy from local farmers/producers at farmer’s markets
  • Join a CSA
  • Go to events at local farms
  • Buy, eat and support local food
  • Volunteer at a local farm or garden
  • Visit restaurants that support local producers
  • Join a work share program
  • Share with your friends-swap recipes, talk about how much you love your CSA program, meet up at a farmer’s market for a morning date

Growing Lots Urban Farm

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