Only Losers Litter

There are so many ways people are making a positive impact for our environment. Every week, we’ll talk to someone new doing great things for their communities and we’ll share resources to take action.

Today, learn more about Alexis and Only Losers Litter.

Only Losers Litter is a trash cleanup campaign in San Diego County. They do monthly community clean up walks and make taking care of their community fun and engaging.

In the interview, learn more about a cool community cleanup group, why it’s important to keep our neighborhoods litter free, and how to take action.

How to find a community cleanup event or group in your area:

  • Google! Search “community cleanup” or “cleanup event” and your city.
  • Talk to your local park or neighborhood associations.
  • If you’re in San Diego County and inspired by Alexis, get out to one of their monthly cleanups. Links below.
  • Ask friends and family if they know of any cleanup events.
  • Start your own! Plan a cleanup with friends or invite your neighbors for a neighborhood cleanup.

Other great ways to keep your neighborhood trash-free:

  • Pick up trash on a walk.
  • If you see a soda can or water bottle near a curb, recycle it.
  • Encourage neighbors to pick up after their dogs. Not only is it gross to see and smell, it also ends up in our storm drains and goes directly to our oceans.
  • Start a weekly/monthly social group to pick up litter in the neighborhood and go out for a coffee/drink after.


Only Losers Litter

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