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Garden for the Environment

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Garden for the Environment 

Established: 1990
Location: San Francisco
Main focus: Sustainable gardening

Get involved if…

…you live in the San Francisco area and believe sustainable gardening is important.

About Garden for the Environment

Garden for the Environment is an urban gardener’s dream come true. The 1/2 acre garden is the only SF garden solely dedicated to teaching sustainable gardening practices, and it does so through workshops, sustainable series, and events. Started on a vacant lot in 1990, the Garden now has demo areas showcasing techniques such as native planting, water-wise gardening, and veggie beds.

Why We Love Garden for the Environment

Gardening is a great way to relax, learn about our connection to the Earth, and become more self-sufficient. But, if you live in an urban setting, it can be very hard to get started and learn about gardening in any hands-on way. We love Garden for the Environment, because they make it easy for people in the Bay area to learn about sustainable gardening.

Major Programs

  • Urban Garden. The Garden is open to the public!
  • Hands-on workshops. Topics include urban composting, edible gardening, and urban chickens.
  • Get Up! Program. The Garden trains urban agriculture leaders through a 3-month certification program.
  • Youth Programs. Students learn more about urban gardening through the Garden’s field trip program.
  • Harvest. Over 500 lbs of produce is harvested each year and distributed via a weekly CSA box program.

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