Eco-Goals for a New Year

This is such a great time of year. We get to immerse ourselves in the excitement of the holidays, and we also get to look forward to a blank slate and a chance to better ourselves for a new year.

Setting goals and intentions for the new year is a great way to focus ourselves on what we want to do, experience, and be. It gives us a chance to reflect on what we want out of life and set the intention to make it happen.

As someone who wants to build climate action and sustainability in all that I do, it’s become a priority of mine to set eco-goals each new year in addition to life goals. I set eco-goals to live in a more zero waste manner, take more meaningful climate action, and make a bigger impact.

If you’re ready to set some eco-goals for the new year, take 15 minutes to brainstorm ways you want to take action. Do you want to reduce your food waste? Do you want to avoid fast fashion? Are you ready to get involved in a climate campaign or political campaign? Brainstorm ways you want to improve and tangible goals to get you there. Then, set 2-4 goals intentions for the new year and think about how you can get started to achieve these goals.

For eco-goal ideas, here are my goals for 2020, along with some other ways to be a better greenie in the new year.

My Goals
  • Start a vermicompost bin. I’ve wanted to experiment with worm composting for sooo long. Since I haven’t been able to have a regular compost bin as of late, I’m finally ready to experiment with vermicomposting!
  • Do an eco-challenge every month to create new habits and take action. I thought this would be a really fun way to take my personal habits to the next level by committing to month-long challenges. January: write a letter to a business or representative every day!
  • Focus on simplifying. I’m in a transition stage of my life, so the less stuff and worries, the better. This isn’t a specific goal, but rather an intention.
  • Explore with more sustainable travel across the US. I’ve LOVED experiencing train travel across the US this past year. I want to do more eco-travel this year in order to advocate for more climate-friendly options to explore.
  • Hike more often. I don’t want to set a specific goal here, but rather set the intention. I love hiking and want to do more of it this year.
Eco-Goal Ideas
  • Start an herb garden
  • Support local businesses
  • Get a job in the environmental field
  • Focus on minimalism
  • Downsize to a smaller home or apartment
  • Switch to renewable energy (through your energy provider or by getting solar panels if you’re a home owner)
  • Go vegetarian or vegan
  • Participate in a climate-related lobby day
  • Visit a zero waste (or zero-waste friendly shop) every month
  • Make your own beauty products
  • Calculate your water footprint and reduce it by a certain amount
  • Transform your lawn to native plants
  • Purchase sustainable seafood
  • Travel by train
  • Use public transit to get to work one day a week
  • Get an electric vehicle
  • Stop buying fast fashion clothes
  • Pick the no-rush shipping option when ordering on Amazon
  • Pick up 3 pieces of litter a day
  • Stop buying plastic water bottles
  • Bike to run errands
  • Reduce your eco-footprint by 1 Earth (take the quiz to start!)
  • Buy coffee from sustainable coffee companies
  • Cook all lunches on a solar oven
  • No plane travel
  • Switch to energy-efficient lighting for your home
  • Start composting, either on your own or through a company or initiative
  • Take a fermentation class and learn how to DIY something
  • Only use reusable mugs for coffee shop visits
  • Shop at a farmer’s market every week
  • Buy grains and beans in bulk
  • Eat only in season and local foods
  • Take a permaculture class
  • Get to know your representatives