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Exhibit Review: Washed Ashore

This exhibit is for you if you care about plastic pollution in our oceans.

I finally saw the exhibit I’ve been following for years, Washed Ashore! The exhibit showcases art made from plastic ocean pollution. It’s an amazing way to educate about plastic pollution, and the exhibit aims to help spark positive changes in consumer habits.

The pieces at the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory were incredible. The exhibit signage encourages viewers to find specific pieces of plastic pollution like bottle caps, plastic bottles, and sandals. It also had little takeaways about the damage plastic pollution causes in the ocean and the importance of eliminating disposable plastic items.

I even heard a zoo employee talking to a family looking at polar bears and relating polar bear plight to climate issues and plastic pollution (love it ?).

The exhibit was amazing. I spent so much time looking at the pieces from every angle and pinpointing specific plastic pollution products. I highly recommend checking out the website and seeing if there’s a showing near you.

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