• secondhand clothing store buffalo exchange
    Zero Waste

    10 Places to Buy Secondhand Clothing

    I grew up hating shopping for clothes. Just the very idea sent exaggerated eye rolls to the person nearest to me. Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I was overweight and awkward, so it was the opposite of fun to…

  • zero waste craft activity
    Zero Waste

    DIY Zero Waste Craft Activity

    Craft activities are so much fun. I used to love meandering through Michaels, thinking about all the creative possibilities. I took beading classes, painted, and attempted to crochet. I bought coloring books, marker sets, and stamps. Since I’ve adopted more…

  • Eco-Inspiration,  Zero Waste

    Exhibit Review: Washed Ashore

    This exhibit is for you if you care about plastic pollution in our oceans. I finally saw the exhibit I’ve been following for years, Washed Ashore! The exhibit showcases art made from plastic ocean pollution. It’s an amazing way to educate…

  • reusable chopsticks for a zero waste life
    Zero Waste

    Reusable Chopsticks Are Where It’s At

    Most ramen and sushi places give out disposable chopsticks, and for someone limiting their waste, that’s no bueno. Even though it seems like a small drop in the bin, items like disposable chopsticks add up fast. It’s estimated that 80…

  • rechargeable battery ideas
    Technology,  Zero Waste

    How to Choose Rechargeable Batteries

    For the eco-savvy shopper, batteries are the worst. One, you constantly go through them and need more of them. Two, they’re bad for the environment and create a lot of waste. Three, they’re considered hazardous waste and require special disposal…

  • composting while traveling seattle airport
    Eco-Travel,  Zero Waste

    How to Compost While Traveling

    At this point, it’s common knowledge: we trash A LOT of food. Food waste is a major issue, with over 40% of our food ending up in the landfill every year. It’s one thing to practice better food storage techniques,…

  • sustainable halloween guide from green media
    Holidays,  Zero Waste

    Sustainable Halloween Guide

    Who doesn’t have fond memories of dressing in tacky costumes, eating tons of candy and running amok? Halloween is the best holiday for kids and adults alike. As you start becoming more eco-conscious, it becomes blatantly apparent Halloween is a…

  • zero waste meme
    Zero Waste

    Zero Waste Resources

    If you’re interested in sustainability, you’ve probably heard of the zero waste movement. Zero wasters aim to lead a sustainable life by limiting the waste they create so they don’t send anything to the landfill. Not only are they limiting…