Greenie Guide Podcast


FROM is an incredibly cool company that creates recycled stationery and other goods. I connected with Hillery, the postmaster and creator of FROM, to learn more about the company.

In the interview, learn more about FROM, why it’s important to repurpose material and how to get crafty.

How to get crafty and use reclaimed materials:

  • Follow FROM on Instagram! Get inspired and get updates on the latest events where you can find Hillery and Al Green in person.
  • Get creative. Find materials in your kitchen or your recycle bin. And don’t be afraid to dumpster dive…recycle bins are much cleaner than trash bins so it’s ok!
  • Shop farmer’s markets for artists and vendors utilizing reclaimed materials.
  • Shop on Etsy. Many shops and individuals sell products made from reclaimed materials.
  • Make your own recycled postcards. Take inspiration from FROM, get the raw material and get crafty! Find the standard postcard size here, measure and cut. Then decorate, write and send. For a postcard tutorials, try this or this.



Photo credit: Leah Lipson
Podcast music credit: Blue Dot Sessions