Take Action

Take Action This Week

Let’s all take one action step this week. Here are some ideas for climate actions that’ll take 10 minutes, one hour, or longer term.


If you have 10 minutes…

Tell your senators you want to extend the EV tax credit.

Contact Your Senators


RSVP for the 3rd Annual Women’s March in January. Join the DC March or find a Sister March near you.



Send a message to world leaders that we want to protect our planet.

Send the Message


If you have one hour…

Watch the livestream as Sunrise Movement and climate activists demand Congress to back the Green New Deal.


Join in with Sunrise Movement on 12/10 for the Green New Deal Day of Action.

Find Local Events


Make your own xmas gifts! They’ll be cost effective, less wasteful and more personal.

Some Ideas


If you’re ready to volunteer long term…

It’s not too early to start thinking about your 2019 goals. If volunteering on the regular isn’t something you do already, think about adding it to your list. This week, take time to brainstorm ways to get involved. “>


How are you taking action this week?