• secondhand clothing store buffalo exchange
    Zero Waste

    10 Places to Buy Secondhand Clothing

    I grew up hating shopping for clothes. Just the very idea sent exaggerated eye rolls to the person nearest to me. Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I was overweight and awkward, so it was the opposite of fun to…

  • Winter eco-bucket list to enjoy the winter season

    Winter Eco-Bucket List

    Anyone else obsessed with goals and to-do lists? 🙋‍♀️ It can be fun (and addicting!) to challenge ourselves to live life to the fullest by penning goals to achieve at career, personal projects, and more. This year, I started making seasonal…

  • zero waste craft activity
    Zero Waste

    DIY Zero Waste Craft Activity

    Craft activities are so much fun. I used to love meandering through Michaels, thinking about all the creative possibilities. I took beading classes, painted, and attempted to crochet. I bought coloring books, marker sets, and stamps. Since I’ve adopted more…

  • climate action this fall
    Eco-Action Guides

    How to Take Climate Action This Fall

    If you’ve been following environmental news lately, you’ve come to the realization that we need to take action now and in very big ways. As individuals, it’s not always clear where to put our time, especially when we have a…

  • four season foraging teaching urban foraging
    Greenie Guide Podcast

    Four Season Foraging

    Four Season Foraging teaches people how to safely and sustainability identify and harvest wild edibles. I connected with Maria, the founder of Four Season Foraging, to learn more about the Minneapolis-based company. In the interview, learn more about urban foraging…

  • Rerip is on a mission to keep surfboards out of the landfill.
    Greenie Guide Podcast


    Rerip is on a mission to keep surfboards out of the landfill. I connected with Meghan, the co-founder of Rerip, to learn more about the organization. In the interview, learn more about Rerip, why it’s important to support zero waste…

  • climate action and eco-action
    Eco-Action Guides

    5 Ways to Take Action Today

    There are so many focuses and priorities when it comes to the climate crisis — the changing weather, environmental justice, soil degradation, fast fashion, animal rights, waste reduction. We know why it’s important to take climate action, but it’s not…

  • environmental education
    Eco-Action Guides

    How to Become an Environmental Educator

    Ways to become an environmental educator without going back to school I discovered my passion for eco-action after college once I started working in the nonprofit world. I discovered organizations making a difference for our environment, and I realized how…

  • eco-action and climate action ideas
    Eco-Action Guides

    50 Ways to Take Eco-Action

    Eco-action = taking action to help our planet by adopting more sustainable individual habits, supporting our communities, and/or creating systemic changes. It’s important for all of us to take action for a more sustainable planet and future. Here are 50 ways to…

  • Ms. Smarty-Plants program at Petco Park teaching the importance of providing nature-based learning for kids, and how to be an earth hero.
    Greenie Guide Podcast

    Ms. Smarty-Plants

    —– The Ms. Smarty-PlantsTM program empowers kids to change the world. Through school assemblies, class field trips and special events, the program reaches over 80,000 kids and adults per year. In the interview, learn more about the Ms. Smarty-Plants program,…